Traditions and events in the Agordo Dolomites

The historical route of the area around Caprile, a little Dolomite village near Hotel Venezia, is centered around the ancient craft of wrought iron working and wood working, typical of the Agordo area. Among the numerous natural trails to be followed in the area is a nice little train that runs through the narrow, winding Serrai gorges and waterfalls, where iron was traditionally mined.

An important chapter in the local traditions is dedicated to the ancient Agordo carnival, with the elegant, characteristic “matazin” figures that for centuries have opened the carnival parade. Leaping around to the beat of polkas and drums, the “matazin” guide the carnival procession through the streets of the village, with their distinctive multi-coloured costumes and tall, cylinder-shaped hat decorated with silk ribbons, necklaces and pins arranged into elegant designs.

As regards events at the foot of the Marmolada, during January and at carnival, fascinating torchlight walks are organised through the winding Serrai di Sottoguda gorges, with the firelight creating a truly magical atmosphere.